David Crowder*Band Videos



These videos came off of the bonus CD that I got with the "A Collision" CD.  They are posted here for your dancing and dining enjoyment.  Note that the files are a bit on the large side.  You'll want to do a left click and "Save Target As".

Squirrel Video  (56 Mb in MPG)  
This is quite funny in a dry, understated, almost psychotic sort of way.  I highly recommend it.

Hoedown  (230 Mb in AVI)
I can hear you asking, "why in the world would I want to download a 230 Meg file?"  Well, I would answer that it's for this story regarding a certain Nashville Country Music producer, dark sunglasses, clothing, and Hank Williams.


These here videos came off of the "enhanced" CD that I got with the "B Collision" CD

You are My Joy Video  (32 Mb in MPG)  

"Live" performance of  "You are My Joy" from the Passion 2006 conference.  Great song, great performance


Crowder - Hogan Interview Video  (23 Mb in MPG)  

Not all that exciting promotion for a new book they are writing.


From the "B Collision" CD

(Intro) I've Had Enough

A Beautiful Collision (B Variant)

Wholly Yours (B Variant)

Everybody Wants to go to Heaven

I Can Hear the Angles Singing

Be Lifted (Live)

I Saw The Light (Live)