Praise Music

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Rock Hill SC

It all started innocently enough.  I was just getting home from Choir practice and Deb said that Don  (the Director of Music Ministries and choir director) called and wanted me to call him back.  I'm thinking, "great, going to get fired from choir.  How humiliating".  Well, I called Don, and he explained that one of the Sunday School classes was doing Contemporary music prior to Sunday School they were looking for a replacement base player he had heard that I play bass.  I corrected him and said  that that was true that I owned a base, but  that I can hardly be called a bass player. However, if they were looking for someone to thump out the root note of the chord, I could probably that. He invited me to their next rehearsal and the rest is history.

Under the leadership of Michael Miller and Skip MacMillan, we moved from Sunday school to a brand new contemporary worship service. by the skip the boring detail, but suffice it to say that I have never been nor do I ever expect to again be surrounded by such an amazingly the talented bunch of musicians and singers who also happen to love Jesus with all their hearts.. They sure deserved better than me. The five tracks below were recorded on my last Sunday with the band before being transferred to New Jersey. 

Westminster Presbyterian Church Praise Band (May, 2003)

Lord I Lift Your Name

 My Glorious

We Love You Lord

Not to Us


The Color Song

A truly big deal at Westminster was the Christmas Festival. It was a joyous celebration involving over 400 folks in the choirs, orchestra, handballs and praise band. The following pieces are the ones that the Praise Band participated in.

Westminster Presbyterian Church 2002 Christmas Festival



For Unto Us

Oh What a Night

Born Is The King

Demo Services

Just As I Am

Knowing You


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